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3rd VB Gloucestershire Regt PBP

A rare, white metal, pouch-belt plate for the 3rd volunteer battalion of The Gloucestershire Regiment with three screw fastenings (north, east and west). Brinson G81.

I think the crown and/or lower arm of the cross may have been re-affixed and there may have been a fourth screw fastening at the bottom?

Brinson describes this white metal badge as a pouch-belt plate, worn by officers and NCOs, but adds "strictly speaking it is more likely that this badge was uniquely worn by officers".

Brinson dates this badge to c1900-1908, as the 3rd VB was raised in 1900 and converted to territorials in 1908, although he also states a King's crown version was worn c1902-08.

Code: 53900Price: 150.00 GBP

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1st VB Warwickshire Officer's CBP

A rare, hallmarked silver, cross-belt plate for an officer of the 1st volunteer battalion of The Royal Warwickshire Regiment with four screw fastenings (two nuts still intact).

The plate shows hallmarks for Birmingham 1893, on the lower arm of the cross.

Code: 53890Price: 375.00 GBP

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RND Howe Cap Badge

A rare, brass, cap badge for The Royal Naval Division Howe with two lug fastenings (east and west) and a J.R. Gaunt maker's plaque to the reverse. KK.

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2nd South Lancs Colour-Belt Plate

A superb and rare silver-plated, gilt and enamel colour-belt plate for the 2nd battalion of The South Lancashire Regiment with four screw fastenings. Cox1538A.

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RB Puggaree Badge

A nice, blackened brass/bronzed, puggaree badge for The Rifle Brigade with a pin fastening. KK588.

Code: 53839Price: 50.00 GBP

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Eton Rifles Pouch Badge

A white metal pouch badge for The Eton College Rifle Volunteers with two screw fastenings (north and south).

It looks like there is a small piece of the ribbon missing at the bottom.

Code: 53788Price: 45.00 GBP

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5th DG Pouch Badge

A brass pouch/sabretache badge for The 5th Dragoon Guards with two screw fastenings (north and south).

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Royal Marines WBC

A brass waist-belt clasp for The Royal Marines.

Code: 53782Price: 25.00 GBP

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HAC (Artillery) Busby Badge

A brass busby badge for The Honourable Artillery Company with two long lug fastenings (north and south - squeezed). Worn c1879. KK1760.

Code: 53777Price: 60.00 GBP

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RNF Officer's Fur Cap Grenade

A scarce, gilt, fur cap grenade for an officer of The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers with the usual two screw fastenings replaced with a single spike. The gilt is a little faded. Worn c1881-1904. KK926.

Code: 53745Price: 125.00 GBP

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