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The Welch OSD Cap Badge

A nice, light bronzed, officer's service dress cap badge for The Welch Regiment with two blade fastenings. The reverse is marked for manufacturer J.R. Gaunt London. KK654.

Code: 56484

25.00 GBP

MIY Collar Badges

A pair of white metal collar badges for The Montgomeryshire Imperial Yeomanry/Yeomanry, each with two lug fastenings (east and west).

Code: 56441

40.00 GBP

DHIY Shoulder Title

A rare, brass, shoulder title for The Denbighshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry with two lug fastenings (east and west). Westlake 254.

Code: 56431

75.00 GBP

3rd VB SWB Officer's HP

A rare, silvered and (faded) gilt, helmet plate for an officer of the 3rd volunteer battalion of The South Wales Borderers with three lug fastenings (north, east and west). HQ at Pontypool.

Note: The crown has taken a knock and one side is bent back on itself.

Code: 56400

300.00 GBP

RWF Fur Cap Grenade

A brass fur cap grenade for The Royal Welsh Fusiliers with two lug fastenings (north and south). KK951.

Code: 56379

45.00 GBP

MY Pouch Badge

A rare white metal pouch badge for The Montgomeryshire ImperialYeomanry/Yeomanry with two screw fastenings (east and west, with both nuts still intact).

Code: 56375

90.00 GBP

MIY Shoulder Title

A scarce, brass, shoulder title for The Montgomeryshire Imperial Yeomanry with two (replacement) lug fastenings (east and west).

This title is mentioned in Westlake's book but not illustrated. It measures approximately 43mm x 11mm.

Code: 56351

60.00 GBP

R Monmouth RE Cap Badge

A scarce, bi-metal, cap badge for The Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers Militia with a slider fastening (marked J.R. Gaunt London). KK1945.

Code: 56268

80.00 GBP

MY Cap Badge

A rare, white metal, cap badge for The Montgomeryshire Yeomanry with two lug fastenings (east and west). KK1465.

Code: 56265

200.00 GBP

Welsh Horse Cap Badge

A bronzed cap badge for The Welsh Horse with a slider fastening. KK1482.

Code: 56216

30.00 GBP

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