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Roscommon Militia Glengarry Badge

A rare, white metal, glengarry badge for The Roscommon Militia with two lug fastenings (north and south). KK1297.

Code: 56130

325.00 GBP

Tyneside Scottish Glengarry Badge

A scarce, white metal, glengarry badge for The Tyneside Scottish with a pin fastening. Wood 450 or KK2361.

Note: Colonel Denis Wood's excellent book on The Fifth Fusiliers and its Badges notes the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd (Service), 29th and 33rd (Reserve) battalions of the Northumberland Fusiliers were the Tyneside Scottish battalions. It describes this as the third pattern badge, dated to late 1915.

Kipling & King (volume 2, p155) ascribes this badge to the 12th (Tyneside Scottish) battalion of The Durham Light Infantry, formed in 1939, and transferred later that year as the 1st battalion The Tyneside Scottish, The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment).

Wood further states this battalion, having been suspended in 1944, was reformed in 1947 as 670th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Tyneside Scottish) RA and retained its own badges.

He adds "It went through several changes of artillery roles and titles until 1967 when it became, briefly, a company of the 4th/5th /6th battalion The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Having been reduced to a cadre in1969, it was disbanded in 1971."

Code: 56129


Tyneside Irish Shoulder Title

A rare, brass, (partial) shoulder title for the 24th-27th and 30th battalions of The Northumberland Fusiliers (Tyneside Irish, Kitcheners Army) with two lug fastenings (north and south). KK1138.

Code: 56128


Dumbartonshire Volunteers Glengarry Badge

A scarce, white metal, glengarry badge for The Dumbartonshire Volunteers with two lug fastenings (east and west). Bloomer 2, 254.

Note: Bloomer describes this badge as a glengarry badge for the 1st Dumbartonshire Volunteer Rifle Corps and dates it to c1887-1908.

Code: 56127

90.00 GBP

Victorian Border Regt Cap Badge

A white metal cap badge for The Border Regiment with two lug fastenings (east and west) and two central blades (north and south) holding a piece of red felt in place. KK643.

Code: 56126

45.00 GBP

3rd VB Black Watch Glengarry Badge

A rare, white metal, glengarry badge for the 3rd volunteer battalion of The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) with two lug fastenings (east and west). HQ at Dundee. Worn c1887-1901. Bloomer 2, 140.

Code: 56125

150.00 GBP

RMA Cap Badge

A scarce, gilt, cap badge for an officer cadet of The Royal Military Academy with two blade fastenings (east and west). KK1068.

Code: 56124

50.00 GBP

MPSC G5th Cap Badge

A George 5th pattern, brass, cap badge for The Military Provost Staff Corps with a slider fastening. KK1054.

Code: 56123

35.00 GBP

F&FY Beret Badge

A scarce, white metal, beret badge for The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry with a slider fastening (marked J.R. Gaunt London). KK2316.

Code: 56122

50.00 GBP

Anodised Antrim Artillery Collar Badges

A scarce pair of anodised aluminium collar badges for The Antrim Artillery, each with a single lug fastening. Churchill & Westlake 338.

Code: 56121

40.00 GBP

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